Effective head lice treatment: See how mayonnaise can be the answer!

How Effective Can Head Lice Comb Be?

Head lice infestation: 21 head lice treatment fact you cannot afford to miss

Home Remedies for Lice

Getting the best head lice Home Remedies For Treating Your Home For Head Lice is not always an easy task. Nobody likes to have these annoying insect called lice running around on her child’s hair, but the fact is that these head lice are here with us. The Following head lice home remedy tips are […]

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Head Lice and Tea Tree Oil:

Do you ever get tired of using chemicals on your scalp to get rid of lice? There is another way besides doing so. It’s all natural and not toxic, tea tree oil. According to the CDC, there are 12 million cases of lice each year and that’s only in the U.S. The ages of children […]

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The Best Lice Shampoo

Each year, the CDC has estimated that over twelve million children will be infested with lice. This doesn’t of course also take into account any of the adults who will contract the parasite. Lice seem more common in children due to schools and day cares. This is because over the years they’ve relaxed their rules […]

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Treat Head Lice With Oils

Treat Head Lice With Essential Oils The good news is that it is now possible to treat head lice with essential oils. Everybody knows that head lice are flat, wingless insects which infest the hair, feeding on human blood from the scalp and laying eggs. In length, they are between 2 and 4 mm, and their eggs, […]

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Will bringing back “Nit Nurses” Provide a better solution to head lice problem than home cures for head lice?

With the outbreak of head lice infestation in our schools, the BBC NEWS of 10 May 2011 reported that Denbighshire parents’ plea to bring back ‘nit nurses’According to the report, Parents of pupils at a Denbighshire school say up to 600 people have signed a petition to bring back “nit nurses”.Petition organizer Kelly Payne said […]

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