Effective head lice treatment: See how mayonnaise can be the answer!

Are you wondering where and how to get the best head lice treatment without using harmful chemicals on your child’s hair? This article will help you to see how mayonnaise can become a solution to your problem.

Using mayonnaise to treat head lice is really an old home remedy for head lice that had been passed down from one generation to another. Many natural head lice home remedies have yet to be scientifically proven. But the fact is that they work and are not harmful. Unlike the chemical head lice treatments
The reason why mayonnaise can work is because it has a thick texture and is made of fats and oil, which can be effective in suffocating head lice.
The following steps will help you to kill head lice using mayonnaise.( make sure you wear a pair of disposable gloves before you start this treatment)
Apply a generous portion of mayonnaise on hair and scalp. Cover the hair with a disposable plastic shower cap for about two to four hours or leave it overnight if you can. Don’t forget to put a towel on your pillow to avoid staining the pillow

After that, take off shower cap and proceed to wash hair using some dish detergent to remove grease before you use your normal shampoo. If you still find it hard to remove the grease from the mayonnaise, you can use some vinegar, as it will also help to remove grease.
After washing hair, use a lice comb to comb your hair. You will see nits and dead lice on the comb that had been killed from suffocation. The best thing to do is to repeat this entire process after one 7 days. This is to target any nits that will hatch into lice.

The oil from mayonnaise also helps to loosen the natural glue that is found on nits, which depend on it for helping them to stick on hair shaft.
Like other home remedies for head lice, the mayonnaise treatment is one of the least costly and less none-toxic, as compared to visiting a doctor or buying expensive lice shampoo that often contain harmful chemicals which can cause hair and skin damage or even trigger other allergies!

The use of mayonnaise to treat head lice can be time consuming, but it is a safer option as compared to using chemicals. The most important thing is to be patient and diligent in doing the necessary steps to remove head lice effectively. A lot of people have benefited from the use of mayonnaise and have actually used it to get rid of head lice. Don’t be left out, get the best head lice home remedies-avoid chemicals

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