When the children in the house are infested with head lice, as a parent you want the very best head lice treatment available-no matter how much it costs! Luckily you don’t have to spend much for an excellent and non-toxic product. As school is starting and the fall is just around the corner, hair lice infestations with these irritating parasites will start with our children.

The current estimation is that approximately 6 to 12 million children will be infested by head lice in the United Sates alone this year! The reason head lice infestations go up during the school year is because children are in close contact and close with one another more than during the summer months. Some children, unfortunately, even share their combs and brushes with one another –this should be strongly discouraged. Buying the best comb to remove head lice and nits from your child’s hair is a very important head lice treatment.

There are mainly two types of head lice combs: electric and non electric. As with any product, it is important that you research and read reviews for the best product for your family.

Many people are wary of using dangerous chemical gels and toxic shampoos that claim to get rid of head lice by killing them in seconds, because they all use powerful pesticides! More and more parents and care givers are treating lice using the safe Liceguard robi comb electronic head lice detector and remover –

Robi Comb detects and destroys lice on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. When the electronic Robi Comb touches lice, they get zapped, die and are combed out of the hair.

In addition, while lice have been reported to be building up a resistance to pesticides used in other lice treatments, lice cannot become resistant to the Liceguard robi comb electronic head lice detector and remover –

Although lice are not dangerous, they are definitely very contagious and can spread from one child to another. What we liked about the higher-quality electronic comb was that it found additional lice even after we went through the child’s head with the standard lice head comb. Remember, they are almost impossible to see because they are very small, from.8 to.3 mm, or approximately the size of a very small speck on a piece of paper or a needle’s head.

Many people still use harmful chemical head lice treatments or manually removing head lice with tweezers, which is an extremely time consuming and not really an effective treatment as well. Using specially designed plastic or metal combs are a far more effective and safer treatment modality than the fingernail, tweezer or chemical method.

Battery operated, plastic and metal lice head combs can be very effective and non toxic means of removing head lice infestations from your children. Take the time to research these different procedures and what natural home remedies can be applied in conjunction with these combs to increase the effectiveness of ridding your children of these blood sucking insects.

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