How Effective Can Head Lice Comb Be?

There’s no need to shy away from the fact that someone in your family has caught head lice. It is totally unnecessary to make them feel unclean”. There are thousands of ways to deal with head lice problem that include; using shampoos and creams to destroy them and a head lice comb to remove them. At the moment it could be unfamiliar to you, but after reading this article you will have a basic understanding of how to deal with head lice infestation correctly and efficiently.

Head lice and nits have been around for years and unfortunately I’m sure they will still be causing problems for us and our children for a long time to come. We manage to stamp out one head lice infestation and before we know it they seem to coming back again. To those that are ignorant head lice home remedies, treating these insects can seem quite a daunting task. But once you understand what steps you need to take, it’s almost like following a formula.

The obvious first signs of having these unwanted visitors called head lice are an itchy scalp that you can’t help scratching. This itchiness is your scalp developing an allergic reaction to the lice bites and not, as many people believe, caused by them crawling around your head. They survive by extracting small quantities of blood when they bite you and depend on the warmth from your head to actually live.
If you think it may be lice that you’ve found, you need to thoroughly check through the hair to be absolutely sure before you begin what may be unnecessary treatment.

These insects are sneaky in nature that even for someone who knows what to look for, they can be rather hard to locate. It’s often a good idea to use an artificial light to help find the adult lice. But you need to be quick as they tend to shy away from the light and can move surprisingly fast for such a tiny creature.
Adult Louse is about the size of a sesame seed that is grayish in color. You will usually see them scuttling around on the scalp but they like to stay where it is warmest, so make sure you check the nape of the neck area and behind the ears.

How to remove head lice properly

The traditional methods that we have used for many years have been over the counter lice shampoos and medicated solutions. But over recent years, due to parents becoming aware of the potentially hazardous chemicals that they contain many have been looking to natural home remedies to treat head lice. Either way you choose to go, once the head lice have been destroyed you will still need to thoroughly clear the head of any dead insects and any nymphs or nits that you may have missed.

Using a head lice comb is the best way to ensure you have cleared your child of these parasites. Many of the shampoos that you can buy for louse treatment come with a plastic comb and although these do work to a certain extent, the teeth tend to be a bit flimsy and it is easy to miss some. To get the best results you need to use a comb with metal teeth. Make sure that the model you buy has no small gaps between where the handle and the teeth meet otherwise the lice could get into there and easily go unnoticed.You can check this effective head lice comb out, it is very effective

Separate the hair into small 3 to 4 cm sections and comb from root to tip thoroughly, making sure to clean the comb after every pass. This procedure will be easier if the hair is still damp. You will need to repeat this combing process over a period of several days to catch any missed nits that may have hatched.

Knowing how to get rid of head lice correctly is vitally important if you want to avoid any future infestations. Killing them with any one of the methods available is your first step, but what lets most people down is not finishing off the treatment. Don’t underestimate the power of head lice comb ; it’s an important weapon to use against head lice if you want to go the save path-head lice home remedies

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